Different Punch Style

These are the result of two different punch styles used to complete dies in a particular year.
Involves only the date and mint mark.
Many types of single letter or number punches were available to engravers.
Variations in style and size varied depending on the denomination and the country involved.

1859 One Cent -Wide 9
1859 One Cent -Bold Date
1859 One Cent -Narrow 9
1891 One Cent -Large Date
1891 One Cent -Small Date
1899 One Cent -Bold 9
1899 One Cent -Plain 9
1901 One Cent -Bold 9
1901 One Cent -Plain 9
1906 One Cent -Bold Date
1906 One Cent -Thin Date
1909 One Cent -Large Date
1909 One Cent -Small Date
1909 One Cent -Bold 9
1909 One Cent -Wide 9

1858 Five Cents -Large Date
1858 Five Cents -Tall Date
1858 Five Cents -Small Date
1874 Five Cents -Plain 4
1874 Five Cents -Crosslet 4
1875 Five Cents -Large Date
1875 Five Cents -Small Date*
1885 Five Cents -Large 5*
1885 Five Cents -Small 5
1886 Five Cents -Large 6*
1886 Five Cents -Small 6
1900 Five Cents -Wide 0's*
1900 Five Cents -Narrow 0's
1902 Five Cents -Small H*
1902 Five Cents -Large H
1903 Five Cents -Small H*
1903 Five Cents -Large H
1947 Five Cents -Bold Date
1947 Five Cents -Thin Date

1870 Ten Cents -Wide 0*
1870 Ten Cents -Narrow 0
1886 Ten Cents -Knobbed 6
1886 Ten Cents -Small 6
1886 Ten Cents -Large Pointed 6
1893 Ten Cents -Round Top 3*
1893 Ten Cents -Flat Top 3
1899 Ten Cents -Large 9's*
1899 Ten Cents -Small 9's
1901 Ten Cents -Large 9
1901 Ten Cents -Small 9

1880 Twenty-Five Cents -Wide 0*
1880 Twenty-Five Cents -Narrow 0
1888 Twenty-Five Cents -Small 8
1888 Twenty-Five Cents -Normal 8

1920 Fifty Cents -Large 0
1920 Fifty Cents -Small 0
1945 Fifty Cents -Pointed 5*
1945 Fifty Cents -Blunt 5
1947 Fifty Cents -Straight 7
1947 Fifty Cents -Curved 7
1947 Fifty Cents -Straight 7 Maple Leaf
1947 Fifty Cents -Curved 7 Maple Leaf*
1953 Fifty Cents -Large Date*
1953 Fifty Cents -Small Date

1947 One Dollar -Pointed 7*
1947 One Dollar -Blunt 7


1880 One Cent -Wide 0
1880 One Cent -Narrow 0*

1896 Twenty Cents -Thick 96
1896 Twenty Cents -Thin 96
1899 Twenty Cents -Narrow 99
1899 Twenty Cents -Wide 99*

1899 Fifty Cents -Narrow 99
1899 Fifty Cents -Wide 99

New Brunswick

1864 One Cent -Tall 6
1864 One Cent -Short 6

1864 Five Cents -Large 6
1864 Five Cents -Small 6

  • This page contains all Punch Style varieties known to the Canadian Error Coins website.
  • Generally speaking, all varieties here have the same value as their regular counterparts of the same date. An * denotes items of special rarity or value over their regular counterparts of the same date.
  • Values for all coins listed here may be derived from dealer advertisements, auction results, coin guides and published trends of Canadian coins. Please do not contact us regarding the value of any coin. Please refer to your local library or bookstore.
  • If you have knowledge of any other Canadian coin that should be included in this list,
    Please contact Patrick Glassford.

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