Postcards of the
Royal Canadian Mint Circa 1940

This set also comes with a light brown cover (This is a complete set illustrated)

Entrance to the Royal Canadian Mint - Ottawa General View of the Royal Canadian Mint

Melting House: Pouring of Molten Metal into Coinage Bars

Cutting Room: Cutting Coin Blanks from Fillets Rolling Room: Rolling Coinage Bars into Fillets to the Required Thickness for Coins


Examining Room: Automatic Precision Weighing Machines

Coin Press: Placing Coin Blanks in Coin Press. The Finished Coins drop into Pan at Bottom Examining Room: Visual Testing of Finished Coins passing on Endless Belts

Examining Room:  "Ringing" of Coins to Detect Flaws

Refinery: A General View of the Chlorination Room where all Gold mined in Canada is Refined Telling Room: An Automatic Coin Counting  and Bagging Machine

Refinery: Bricks of Refined Gold being Deposited in the Vault

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