Mismatched Dies

Commonly known as "Mules" and are the result of dies that were not intended to be paired.

1999 September Commemorative Twenty-Five Cents with a Regular Caribou Type Obverse. Value not yet firmly established. ($125.00-$250.00?) -Illustrated.
1999 November Commemorative Twenty-Five Cents with a Regular Caribou Type Obverse. Value not yet firmly established. ($125.00-$250.00?) -Illustrated.

1999 Mule Quarters are being found in the Millennium sets as illustrated to the left. These sets were offered by the RCM and sold across the country in postal outlets for $24.95 in Canadian funds. These coins are Proof-Like in condition.

No Mule types have been found in circulation type strikes.

The Proof-Like coins are produced in Ottawa, while those for regular circulation are produced in Winnipeg. It is very unlikely that any will appear as regular circulating coins.

It now appears that all sets shipped out of the Mint beginning in August, may contain these strikes. One or both mules may appear -or none at all. These are also appearing in sets with the "Christmas Sleeve". I would estimate -at this time- there may be more than 10,000 of each type out there. Both September and November mules seem to be turning up in equal numbers. More information will be available soon.

The highest price paid for a pair I am aware of is $1500.00 in Canadian funds. These coins have great appeal as the Denomination does not appear on the coin. Prices will be very erratic for a few months, until it bottoms out (it will slowly rise again).

I feel these coins, in time, may average more than $150.00 each.

1982 One Dollar reverse with a New Zealand Fifty Cent obverse. Valued at around $1,000.00 - Not Illustrated.

1999 Two Dollars "NO CORE BORDER RING" Reverse with a "CORE BORDER RING" Obverse. Value not yet firmly established. ($75.00-$150.00?) -Illustrated.

1973 Five Dollars reverse with a 1974 obverse. Valued at around $450.00 - Not Illustrated.


1871H Ten Cents reverse with a Canada obverse. Extremely Rare - Two Known - Not Illustrated.

New Zealand

The following coins are not Canadian, as they were struck on New Zealand planchets. These are listed here to provide completeness of coins involving Canadian dies.

1981 Five Cents obverse with a Canada Ten Cents reverse. Valued at around $500.00 - Not Illustrated.

1982 Fifty Cents obverse with a Canada One Dollar reverse. Valued at around $1,000.00 - Not Illustrated.

  • This page contains all Mismatched Die varieties involving Canadian dies known to the Canadian Error Coins website.
  • All varieties listed here have a large premium over their regular counterparts of the same date.
  • Values for all coins listed here may be derived from dealer advertisements, auction results, coin guides and published trends of Canadian or New Zealand coins. Please do not contact us regarding the value of any coin. Please refer to your local library or bookstore.
  • If you have knowledge of any other Canadian coin that should be included in this list,
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