Pitted Die

Dies formed by poor steel may result in porosity been exposed in the fields during polishing.
Pits may also form in the chrome plating of the die.
These pits may appear as dots when impressed to form a coin.

1963 One Cent -Dot inside 9
1964 One Cent -Dot above 9

1944 Five Cents -Dot between 1 and 9
1947 Five Cents -Dot above beavers tail
1948 Five Cents -Dot below 8
1957 Five Cents -Dot between 5 and 7

1954 Ten Cents -Two Dot's below date
1955 Ten Cents -Dot below 5
1956 Ten Cents -Dot below 95
1956 Ten Cents -Multiple Dots below date
1957 Ten Cents -Dot on 7

1957 Twenty-Five Cents -Dot between 5 and 7
1965 Twenty-Five Cents -Dot between 6 and 5

1958 Fifty Cents -Dot below last A in Canada
1994 Fifty Cents -"G" Dot

1966 One Dollar -Dot below 8

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